Contact Lenses

Contact lenses allow you to live your life without glasses getting in the way. They come in a wide range of options so you can get the best fit for your lifestyle. Whats more, lens technology has improved over the last few years making contacts now better than ever.

Buying contact lenses online is so simple and could save you a small fortune compared to buying them on the high street. Many online sites even offer you a free eye test when you order.

See how much you could save by visiting these trusted contact lens retailers.

Recommended retailers only sell quality contact lenses from the leading brands. Free delivery is available on all orders and you can save even more money when you buy 3 boxes or more with each order.

Lenstore have grown to become one of the leading places to buy branded contact lenses for less. Owned by the same company as Vision Express, you can get a free eye test and aftercare at any Vision Express store right across the UK. is one of Europe’s largest contact lens retailers. Each year they sell millions of pairs of contact lenses from all the best known and trusted brands. Being online allows them to pass the savings on directly to you.

MisterSpex sell a wide choice of contact lenses from some of the best brands. Different options are available to suit your lifestyle and you could save £s compared to buying them from your optician.

Choose your contact Lenses

Daily disposables
This option is popular with many people because you simply pop them in at the start of the day and then when finished at night you take them out and throw them away.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning them either which makes this an easier way to wear contact lenses. It’s also the most hygienic way of wearing them.

If you wear contacts every day this option may cost a little bit more each month, but for many, it’s worth this for the ease they provide.

Two Weekly disposables
Ideal if you want more life from your lenses. In most cases, they can be cheaper than dailies too.

These are normally worn during waking hours and then taken out and cleaned before going to sleep. You can wear these lenses for up to two weeks before replacing them with a new pair.

Some types can be worn continuously (day and night) for 7 days before they need to be replaced. Please consult your optician first though because not everyone’s eyes are suitable for continuous wear contact lenses.

Monthly disposables
For those looking to get the best value, the monthly range of contact lenses are probably going to be the best option. You can use the same pair of contact lenses for up to 30 days before they need replacing.

However, they do take more maintenance than shorter life contact lens options.

It’s really important that every time you take out the contact lenses that you follow a strict, but relatively simple cleaning process. Once you get into this habit it will become second nature and just another daily task!