Stuck at home and need an eye test ? Don’t worry we can help.

There are many what are called ‘domicillary services’ across the UK so an eye test at home can be arranged by a number of opticians in your area especially Specsavers but also most local opticians offer an eye test at home service.  To find an optician that offers home eye tests simply enter your postcode below;


Did you know you can now take an eye test at home ? or just about anywhere you have a bit of space and either a laptop or smartphone that has a decent internet connection which will allow you to check how your vision has changed since your last eye test. This technology is not meant as a replacement for a comprehensve eye exam which should always be conducted every 2 years with your local optician but allows you to gauge for yourself when you should get an eye test.

The pandemic has meant we all have been confined to home and as lockdown measures have eased for opticians you may find yourself not wanting to get amongst the crowds so it is a perfect opportunity to check your eye sight and then determine whether you need to book an eye test with a local optician who can arrange an eye test at home.

Why not can try our free eye check and see how our technology works for you. All you need is a bit of space and 10 minutes to spare.

visibly eye test

Whether you have limited mobility or simply don’t have enough hours in the day to arrange an appointment with a local opticians let the experts simplify finding a recommended local optician as there’s over 1800 nationwide.

This is a straight forward process that allows you to take control of your vision and receive a prescription whether you wear glasses or contact lenses with the control to buy online or in your local opticians. Once your eye test is complete your optician can advise on glasses, contact lenses to suit you and whether you purchase there or online at a later time you are taking the right steps to improving your eye care.

Remember your eye test prescription is valid for 2 years but if you feel you need to get an eye checkup more regularly then you can try our online eye check and see if you need to book a follow-up with an eye care specialist.

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5 out of 5
'When I turned 40 last year I started to notice I was struggling seeing things closeup so I knew I needed to atleast get my eyes tested. I am always pressed for time all the time so I found my closest opticians who were great, well priced and service was second to none. Thanks'
5 out of 5
'I thought this was a gimmick but its actually pretty impressive and not something i would normally do but I tried it and then followed up with an eye test at my opticians'
4 out of 5
'I didn't think I could check my eyesight online but this was a really cool tool and It made me realise I needed to see an optician which i've done and everything was fine. new glasses too! '
5 out of 5
'Good to do a test online which made me realise I really needed to visit my optician. I am new to Edinburgh but with your postcode search I managed to find a local optician who was fantastic ! '